950 Coal Ash Solidify


  • Appearance: Off White
  • Odor: No Odor
  • Toxicity: No Toxicity
  • pH: Neutral
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Hazardous Vapors: None
  • Installation: All Cementious Materials
  • Number of Components: 1


Coal Ash Solidify is an environmentally friendly stabilizer which solidifies coal ash slurry rapidly and only requires a minute quantity to be effective. This granular powder made from 100% post-consumer recycled material consolidates the coal ash slurry making it easily portable by mechanical means.

Basic Uses

Use is in the solidification of coal ash slurry for its rapid safe removal to storage, disposal or recycling sites.

Major Advantages of Coal Ash Solidify

  • Solidification mitigates negative effect of coal ash in ground water
  • 100% post-consumer recycled material
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for cement or LKD required to attempt to stabilize coal ash
  • Requires a minute amount to cause solidification
  • Acts rapidly to solidify coal ash slurry
  • Highly Compactable
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Method of Use

Apply Coal Ash Solidify using mechanical spreaders per the below volumetric application quantities.

FOR CALCULATING COAL ASH SOLIDIFY REQUIRED FOR 1 ACRE/FT 4356 lb (1976 kg) or about 2 MT (approx. 2 bags) are required. Per square yard (1 ft depth): 0.9 lb. (0.41 kg)

Available Packaging: Super Sacks
Storage: Keep under cover out of sun and rain
Temperature range of use: This product has no limit to the temperature range however it may be limited by the material it is treating.

Warranty Disclaimer

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