Vapor Lock™ 555

Vapor Lock 555 is a waterborne emulsion coating formulated to offer high performance stabilization to granular road and shoulder projects, water and air barrier coating for construction and corrosion resistance to fabricated metal products and structures. This professional product is designed for ease of application by trained crews and is provided as a concentrate that may require reduction with fresh water up to 20:1 depending on the application. Depending on area of use and number of applied coats, Vapor Lock™ 555 can offer up to four years of protection from initial use. For further information or to be provided a specification, please contact Specialty Products Group®.

SPG frost boil and soil stabilization solutions with Vapor Lock SCS120 and Vapor Lock 555

VaporLock555 Recycle Asphalt Product

Treated-to-Untreated Frost Road Dust Comparison

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