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Solving the Concrete Moisture Issue: Commercial, Environmental and Health Benefits of Impermeable Concrete and Permanent Impermeable Repair Materials

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This Program addresses the impact of traditional & impermeable concrete inside & outside the building envelope. It discusses methods to improve durability and consequent sustainability of all concrete applications. It discusses the concrete industries’ efforts to lower the carbon footprint. It provides a solution to moisture & flooring problems as well as water and damp-proof concrete. Techniques and materials used to permanently repair concrete are discussed.

Learning Objectives:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to understand and identify solutions for common problems relating to:

  • How the concrete industry is striving to lower its carbon footprint
  • Solving moisture flooring and roofing issues
  • Improving the construction schedule while lowering project costs
  • Permanent concrete repair

Target Audience:

Architects, Structural & Civil engineers, Landscape Architects, contractors, owners, concrete professionals, DOT and other construction and design professionals. This program is in-depth technically while broken down into simple explanations and meets the needs of professionals at every experience level.


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