Vapor Lock 40/40

Vapor Lock 40/40 corrosion Inhibiting & Waterproofing Concrete Admixture is a ready to use concrete admixture that uses Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free proprietary technologies that act as a powerful corrosion inhibitor while water and vapor proofing concrete. This corrosion resistant protection reaction is a permanent self-healing Nano technology and integral component of the finished concrete.

Vapor Lock 30/30 can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on concrete for vapor proofing, waterproofing, sealing, hardening and dust proofing. Closes the capillary system of concrete eliminating the route of moisture vapor emission (MVE). Lock the Top™ Self-Leveling Underlayment (SLU) applied to the surface provides a water proof, dense, non-shrink underlayment for finished flooring.

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