Mold Assassin™

MOLD ASSASSIN™ is a custom blend of all natural ingredients that assassinates mold without harmful chemicals. MOLD ASSASSIN™ is both colorless and odorless and when properly applied, kills mold and bacteria. MOLD ASSASSIN™ can remain on the surface or be removed to prepare for recoating or painting.

This cleaner can be used in homes, business, cottages, boats, and RV trailers. A few example areas that can be treated with MOLD ASSASSIN™ are: showers, laundry tubs, damp and musty basements, attics, window frames, counters, sump pump areas, sewer ejection pumps, crawl spaces, or any place that mold can grow. MOLD ASSASSIN™ is an especially good treatment for flood areas or disaster restoration. Post construction application as a preventative protection.

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