Vapor Lock™ Concrete Admixture

CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering Elementary School

Vapor Lock 20/20 enhanced concrete was chosen by the design team of the 89,693 square foot CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering Elementary School for its moisture mitigation, schedule integrity, durability, and superior finishing qualities.

During solstice and equinox events, students may view the sun as it rises and sets through corridors that radiate from the center of the site. The unique radial design provides safe student gathering spaces and a play courtyard separate from vehicular circulation.

The integral dependence on concrete in the design of this project made it a perfect candidate for the Vapor Lock system of water vapor admixtures which will ensure that this school holds up for generations of young rocket scientists and engineers.

AEC Team

Architect: Friar Architecture

Structural Engineer: Perrone & Zajda Engineers, LLC

General Contractor: O & G Industries

Ready Mix Provider: Tilcon

Construction Manager: Downs Construction

Concrete Contractor: McCarthy Concrete

Specialty Products Group

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