Vapor Lock™ Concrete Admixture

San Diego Airport Authority Terminal 2 Parking Plaza

Vapor Lock20/21 Concrete Admixture was chosen by the San Diego Airport Authority Terminal 2 Parking Plaza design-build team as an integral solution for both shrinkage and corrosion protection in this cast-in-place, post tensioned system.Both the 2nd and 3rd decks used Vapor Lock 20/21 for a total of 924,000 square feet, or 20,000 cubic yards.

The 2nd deck is the location of a rental car/car wash operation. Due to the ocean proximity and high salt content in the air, the car wash is a concentrated area for the collection of salt water. Vapor Lock enhanced concrete prevents the ingress of the salt through bleed channels resulting in considerably increased durability and lifecycle of the concrete in this application.

AEC Team

Architect: Gensler & Associates

Structural Engineer: Watry Design

General Contractor: Swinerton Builders

Ready Mix Provider: Hanson

Concrete Contractor: Baker Concrete

Specialty Products Group

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